Wednesday’s Workout: My First Half Marathon

imageHappy Wednesday!!

We are mid-way through May and we’ve had some snow, rain, and sun!

And I’m ready for the sun to stick around πŸ™‚

Summer for me means that it’s running season… or at least enjoyable running season, where I don’t have to throw on layers and instead get to soak up the sun while I’m jogging.

This past weekend I ran my first race, a half marathon! The weather cooperated and it was the PERFECT day for a race, not too hot and not too cold, but instead the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.


I’ve been ‘training’ (aka attempting to get my running distance from 10k to 21.1 k) since February/March-ish. Throughout training every time I would add on a kilometer or two, I wasn’t sure that I would actually build up to 21k!


I’m not sure how I did it, but I did! Some runs weren’t the funnest, but I actually really liked the challenge and getting see how I could increase my distance and how those longer distances got easier to run the more I trained. Running a race has always been on my bucket list!


So come race day, I was ready! I was surprised at how many people were running, there was a good sized crowd. All the people running the half marathon lined up at the start point, and after a short warm up the race started! And the route was beautiful, quiet, with lots of trees. My time ended up being 2:05:06.


Here are 2 things I learned from my first race:

1) Run the race route ahead of time

My husband and I did a ‘test race’ two weeks before. I really REALLY liked this for going into the actual race because I had a picture in my mind of what the route looked like, where the hills where etc. and it was super nice to know, ‘there are 2 big hills’ or ‘at this spot it is about 1/4 way into the run’ or other things like, ‘oh man I need to get sunglasses to stop bugs from getting in my eyes’ (gross!) or even simply where the ‘start’ point was so that I know where I was going.


2) Race exactly as you train

By this I mean don’t go changing things for race day. I wore gear that I had trained in, I knew my shoes were worn in, that my shirt and pants where comfy, that my sunglasses wouldn’t slip off, etc. That way you don’t end-up running in gear that’s uncomfortable, because that does not make for a pleasant run.


I’m on the fence of whether I would ever do a race again. I love running just as a relaxing introvert activity, where I can just run, think, listen to music. So, running in a massive group of people wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, plus once I got past the half-way point people starting smelling… and this one guy behind me kept spitting up flem, no joke, every 20-30 seconds. Yes nasty. I guess the good thing was that it made me run faster to get away!!


All in all I had fun! But I have to say the best part was having my family there cheering me on. πŸ™‚

I’m happy to check this off of my bucket list, but I’m looking forward to my regular leisurely runs this summer.


Wednesday’s Workout: March Fitness Challenge

Hello March!

I’m ready for spring… but where I am, spring usually doesn’t happen till May or June… but I’m not complaining because this winter has been the mildest winter ever!! There were even been days that felt like springΒ  in February. So you never know… spring might come early this year. Here’s hoping!

I think the start of a new month deserves a fitness challenge. This one is for your legs!

Each day of the month (except Sundays, you get those off) there is a challenge to give your legs some extra love. There are 6 different exercise and with each exercise the repetitions increase as the weeks go on.

March Workout Calendar

Here are your 6 moves for the month: Jump Squats, Reverse Lunges, Sumo Squats, Narrow Squats, Curtsy Lunges, and Walking Lunges.

Good Luck! And Happy Wednesday πŸ™‚


Wednesday’s Workout: Lower Body Tabata

Happy Wednesday!!

It’s starting to get really chilly out, a jacket is no longer optional!! Which means more indoor, at home workouts for me πŸ™‚

Wednesday's Workout

Time for Wednesday’s workout!

I am sticking with the theme of tabata drills for one final week! I figure its not fair to our legs to not include a ‘lowerbody’ tabata workout in this series.

Here’s a recap on what a tabata is: 8 sets of 20 second exercise and 10 second rest, which all adds up to 4 minutes.

The idea is to work as hard as you can for the 20 seconds and then you get a 10 second recovery, repeat this until you’ve completed your 8 sets.

This lower body tabata workout included 4 full tabatas, so by doing 1 round of each exercise it will all add up to 16 minutes of hard work. Your legs are going to feel it!

Complete a full tabata for each of the 4 exercises (jump squat, curtsy lunge, dumbbell squat, pulse lunge), doing that 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest, 8x.

Lower body tabata

Let me know how the workout goes for you!


Wednesday’s Workout: Upper Body Tabata

As I’ve mentioned… it’s candy season… so this Wednesday’s Workout is much needed πŸ™‚

A few weeks ago I share a workout idea using tabata training.

Tabatas are one of my favorite types of interval training because they really make the most of your time!! And really, who wants to waste time and make their workout long and drawn out. Not me.

Here is how a tabata works: 8 sets of 20 second exercise and 10 second rest.

In total 8 sets of 20/10 all adds up to 4 minutes.

The whole idea is that you work as hard as you can for the 20 seconds and then you get that little 10 second break and then work hard again for 20 seconds and then a 10 second break, repeat this until you’ve completed your 8 sets.Β  Those first few rounds may not seem all that tough but wait till those last few round you will be feeling your muscles working hard!!

This Upper Body Workout is 4 different tabatas, by doing 1 sets of each exercise add up to 16 minutes of hard work!!

With each of the 4 exercises (pushups, bent-over row, shoulder press, bicep curl) do a complete tabata, 20 seconds of work 10 seconds resting 8x.

Upper Body Tabata Workout- Sweetnsimpleblog

Your arms will feel this one!! Mine do!!! I’ll probably have to avoid lifting anything today πŸ˜‰

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Wednesdays Workout: At Home Workout Programs

IMG_4198Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Well. It is officially September!

Bring on the yummy fall spices, warm sweaters… and indoor workouts … because where I am it starts getting chilly pretty quick.

I actually really like home workouts, and to me, its just as good as a gym!

The last month or so I’ve been sharing pyramid workouts, which are a perfect at home workout idea.

I thought I would share a few of my other favorite “at home workout” programs that I have come across. Tried and tested by yours truly πŸ™‚

Here are three of my favorites:

IMG_45921. Insanity

This program is guaranteed to get you sweating!

I like that it is set up do be a 90 day program, with your workouts organized on a calendar. The workouts start off a bit easier and works up to the really tough ones.

My biggest hangup with this one is the repetition. To be honest, by the fourth week I was bored out of my mind with the warm up, it’s basically the same thing day in day out for the first 10 minutes.

But it is definitely a high impact, high intensity workout with lots of jumping and cardio. All in all I give it a thumbs up!

IMG_45872. Jillian Michaels

Jillian Micheal DVDs are not so much a program (unless you do the ’30 day shred’, which, once again, had a bit too much repetition for me) but I still really like them.

I chose the 3-DVD pack, that way I have more options and variety with my workouts. In total the 3 DVDs have 6 workouts between them.

I find these work more as a ‘space filler’ on a day that I don’t go for a run, or don’t feel like going for a run πŸ™‚

I have worked my way through all of the 6 workouts and no matter which workout you chose from the DVDs, you are guaranteed a good sweat.

IMG_45803. Bikini Body Guide Workout

This workout is the one that I am currently doing. And I’m a huge fan!!!

Kayla Itsines has two different workout guides out, and I’m working through the first one for the second time.

I love that there is lots of variety (YAY! for not being bored), and a big focus on strength training.

It’s one program that makes the most of your time. I always walk away for the workout feeling like my 28 minutes were well use!!

The only down side with this program is that you need a bit more equipment if you are doing the workout at home rather than the gym. But in my opinion it is well worth it :).

Do you have any favorite workout programs?