Wednesday’s Workout: My First Half Marathon

imageHappy Wednesday!!

We are mid-way through May and we’ve had some snow, rain, and sun!

And I’m ready for the sun to stick around 🙂

Summer for me means that it’s running season… or at least enjoyable running season, where I don’t have to throw on layers and instead get to soak up the sun while I’m jogging.

This past weekend I ran my first race, a half marathon! The weather cooperated and it was the PERFECT day for a race, not too hot and not too cold, but instead the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.


I’ve been ‘training’ (aka attempting to get my running distance from 10k to 21.1 k) since February/March-ish. Throughout training every time I would add on a kilometer or two, I wasn’t sure that I would actually build up to 21k!


I’m not sure how I did it, but I did! Some runs weren’t the funnest, but I actually really liked the challenge and getting see how I could increase my distance and how those longer distances got easier to run the more I trained. Running a race has always been on my bucket list!


So come race day, I was ready! I was surprised at how many people were running, there was a good sized crowd. All the people running the half marathon lined up at the start point, and after a short warm up the race started! And the route was beautiful, quiet, with lots of trees. My time ended up being 2:05:06.


Here are 2 things I learned from my first race:

1) Run the race route ahead of time

My husband and I did a ‘test race’ two weeks before. I really REALLY liked this for going into the actual race because I had a picture in my mind of what the route looked like, where the hills where etc. and it was super nice to know, ‘there are 2 big hills’ or ‘at this spot it is about 1/4 way into the run’ or other things like, ‘oh man I need to get sunglasses to stop bugs from getting in my eyes’ (gross!) or even simply where the ‘start’ point was so that I know where I was going.


2) Race exactly as you train

By this I mean don’t go changing things for race day. I wore gear that I had trained in, I knew my shoes were worn in, that my shirt and pants where comfy, that my sunglasses wouldn’t slip off, etc. That way you don’t end-up running in gear that’s uncomfortable, because that does not make for a pleasant run.


I’m on the fence of whether I would ever do a race again. I love running just as a relaxing introvert activity, where I can just run, think, listen to music. So, running in a massive group of people wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, plus once I got past the half-way point people starting smelling… and this one guy behind me kept spitting up flem, no joke, every 20-30 seconds. Yes nasty. I guess the good thing was that it made me run faster to get away!!


All in all I had fun! But I have to say the best part was having my family there cheering me on. 🙂

I’m happy to check this off of my bucket list, but I’m looking forward to my regular leisurely runs this summer.


Friday Favorites: Starting the Weekend Early

Happy Friday!!

This weekend is a nice, extra long weekend for me 🙂 YAY for an extra day off!!

Here is a little glimpse at my day and some of my favorite things that I did on my Friday off.

Guess who is training for a half marathon?! It’s happening in just under a month. So… I’ve been doing some practice half marathons around my neighborhood. And by some, I mean two. This is my second one. It think my legs are slowing starting to catch on to this long distance running thing.


What is a day off without a treat! After my run I stopped for a coffee and then headed over to the library to renew my library card. Turns out library cards are now free! YES! Books, books, and more books!!


And last but not least, a trip to Costco. You are looking at a brand new Costco member!!


Well. If you’re trying to find me, I’ll be reading my library books and enjoying my first purchase as a Costco member!


Enjoy your weekend!




Wednesday’s Workout: My Tried & True Workout Gear

Workout gearHappy Wednesday Everyone!!!

We just finished up a Tabata workout series, and before starting a new series I thought I would share something a bit different for this Workout Wednesday’s post.

So, today’s Wednesday’s workout is about workout gear! I’m sharing my absolute FAVORITE workout clothes.

Now…none of these are sparkly and new items. They tried, tested, and have lasted me YEARS.

I have worn these, washed these (to death) and these items have lasted! That is my kind of workout gear 🙂

This gear is for fall/winter, which means layers, layers, layers!

Workout gear

The striped shirt on the left is from Lulu Lemon. My husband bought it for me for our first Christmas together… 5 years ago. And I still LOVE it!! It has held is shape, still smells good (which is always important), and keeps me warm and dry 🙂

The headband is also Lulu Lemon. Its thick enough to cover my ears if its cold, and keeps my hair out of my face, which is extra awesome since I cut my hair shorter and is now harder to pin up. Also, the pattern is my favorite!

The black pants are Gap. I bought 2 pairs at least 4 years ago, and they have lasted. I find the material thick and the stitching is strong. I have other pants where the seam starts coming apart, but these pants are great, and have kept their quality.

I really like these Nike gloves. They keep my hands warm and wick way any sweat! And they have a little key pouch to hold my house key when I run, which is helpful!

Lastly, my trusty old Walmart pink sweatshirt. I am sure this must have been originally for a 80’s dress up party or something! Now it has worked its way into my workout gear drawer. Like I said, winter means layers, and this works great as a top layer!

Workout Gear

Do you have any go-to workout gear?!


Thanksgiving Weekend

SweetnsimpleblogYAY! It’s Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Which means its time for: food, family, and fun. (Cheesy I know, but its true!!!)

There will be sweet treats, turkey, mashed potatoes, family time, and a whole extra day for rest!

And the weather has made for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend so far, and we have been soak it up!!

We already filled our Saturday with walks, dates, and hanging out with friends. And today is going to be just as packed!

Here’s been our weekend so far:

Of course there have been lazy mornings 🙂

I love staying in my pjs as long as I can and having nutella as a treat on the weekends!!


Saturday was the perfect fall day for a run, just warm enough!! This morning I did a bit of an indoor workout because it was a bit to windy for me!!

Sweetnsimple blog

Both my husband and I were having a craving for some good coffee on Saturday, so we headed out for an afternoon coffee date and some window shopping.

Sweetnsimple blog

A coffee date wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat 🙂 This salted caramel macaroon was AMAZING!!


And tonight we are having our Thanksgiving celebration!!

Bring on the turkey and mashed potatoes!!

I’ve got my top knot in, and I am ready for some chopping, stirring, and cooking!! But first a bit of baking.


I’m getting started on an apple crisp for Thanksgiving dessert! YUM!!! (I’ll share the recipe this week)


Happy Thanksgiving!!


HIIT 6km Run

Happy Wednesday!!

I am LOVING summer, the sunshine, green everywhere, warm but crisp mornings… making it perfect for a run.

I started off the day with some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The idea is to make your time worth it. Work harder for a shorter time. Sounds good to me!

Believe me, these sprints will get you. My lungs and legs were burning (especially after all those lunges)!! Definitely a tough workout.


Let me know how it goes for you! ENJOY!!