Friday Favorites: Beauty Essentials

Friday Favorites_ Beauty Essentials

What’s in your makeup bag?!

This ‘Friday’s Favorites’ I am sharing what’s in mine!

Over the years I’ve tried and tested so so so many different hair and makeup products.

Some are great, and some… well, not so great.

Here are some of my go-to items when it comes to getting ready in the morning, ones that I LOVE and use basically every day.


First things first. Hair. This is where I have probably tried the most products. And now I’ve settled on Dove hairspray and Batiste dry Shampoo.


I have been using this Dove Hairspray for quite a while, why switch when you find one that works! But I just came across this Batiste Dry Shampoo about 6 months ago when I was testing out a few different brands to find one I like. And this one is a winner! It gives the prefect amount of volume, and I find it also helps my hair-do stay throughout the day.

After one try of this stuff, I was hooked.

Eventually, I used up my first can of this dry shampoo, and went back to the store for more but couldn’t find it anywhere! One of the employees told me they were discontinuing it. WHAT?!? Nooooooo. Just when I found one that I really liked! …Turns out that was totally not true… which I didn’t find out until after buying basically a lifetime supply of the stuff when I found it at another store…. oh well, I’ll use it up, believe me!


I have been using this False Lashes MAC mascara since my wedding, about 2 years ago. Originally I was supposed to have my makeup done by a makeup artist for my wedding, but after the trial, and the girl using red eye shadow on me because it would make my ‘eyes pop’ (no thank you), I went out to the MAC store and picked out a few different items to do my makeup myself. One of those items was this mascara. Ever since then I have stuck with it; I find that it stays really well throughout the day, looks more natural and isn’t clumpy.

My go-to for eyeliner is this Revlon Eye Pen. My skin tends to be on the oily side, and so I find that most other eye liners eventually rub off throughout the day …or they are just really hard to put on in the first place. This ‘marker’ type of eyeliner is really easy to get that perfect line, and this stuff stays where its supposed to on all day.



My husband was shocked when he saw my nail polish collection šŸ™‚ Ha-ha, a girl needs every color in the rainbow right?! Recently I’ve been using Joe nail polish, 1) the price is 3 for $10, you can’t go wrong with that! 2) they have basically every color you could ever want, 3) I find it fades off rather than chips, so it lasts a bit longer on my nails.

There you have it, these are some of my favorite products for hair, eyes, and nails!


Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Beauty Essentials

  1. I used Batist dry shampoo but I will only use it when travelling because in my bathroom the “vapor” it generates it somehow suffocating. Instead, I bought rice flour and I apply it on the roots with an old blush brush and guess what: its gives you the same result since, after all, its the ingredient Batiste use in that product šŸ™‚


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