Friday Favorites: A Week of Goodies

imageHappy Friday!

Another week has flown by, and we are coming close to Valentine’s Day!!!

This weekend is going to be extra great because not only is Sunday Valentine’s Day but Monday is a holiday!

YAY for long weekends 🙂 I love having an extra day to sleep in, be lazy, and rest.


This week has been a week of sugar overload let me tell you! There has been cookies, chocolate, pie, and all other sorts of sweet treats. For this ‘Friday Favorites’ I’m sharing some of my favorite treats from the week.


It is always a highlight when this pie makes an appearance at work 🙂

Have you ever had peanut butter pie? If you haven’t you are missing out!! This stuff is THE BEST. The first time this pie was brought into work I knew I had to find my own recipe, and I found one that is pretty spot on. I could eat this pie for every meal!! So good!


I’ve been working away at the dish of chocolate kisses we have at home… and the chocolate hearts…. and jelly beans…


I found these ‘xoxo’ cookies at the grocery store. My nephew got one of these for a Valentine treat! I think they are super cute!!


Fruit did make it one the list of treats this week! I love berries, and it is always a treat to have them when they aren’t in season. I can’t wait till summer for all the fresh fruit!



And last but not least are the Chocolate Chip Cookies I made earlier in the week. My husband and I have been using them as an after work snack. YUM!

I think next week will have to be a week of vegetables to even things out!!


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