A Sweet Treat For Your Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookies

imageWell, it’s Valentine’s week!!!

And the sweet teats, hearts, pink and red are in full swing.

My most favorite treat there is would have to be  fresh-out-of-the-oven Chocolate Chip Cookies. YUM!

I shared my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe a few months ago… and I’m using it again…

…Why mess with a good thing?!?

So, these are my classic Chocolate Chip Cookies but with a Valentine’s Day twist!!

image There are all sorts of different ‘valentine’ themed candies, sprinkles, chocolates. I just picked a few that appealed to me. Red and pink smarties, chocolate hearts, cookies and cream chocolate hearts, chocolate kisses and some cute heart sprinkles.


I whipped up a double batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies, and added the smarties, sprinkles and chocolate hearts to different cookies. That way the cookies are each a bit different!



This recipe can’t go wrong, so I did a bit of experimenting and tried some cookies in my individual brownie pan as well!

Pop them in the oven, and do they ever smell good 🙂 Mmmmmmmmm!


The regular cookies turned out great!! And I love that they are all ‘valentine-ish’ but are each bit different with either the smarties, or chocolate hearts.


The square cookies turned out great as well! They have a bit more of a crunch on the edge with a soft and chewy middle.


It’s easy to take a classic recipe you know will turn out great and add a bit of a twist to make it work for any holiday.


These Chocolate Chip Cookies are SO GOOD, but with a bit of extra pink, red, and heart shaped candy, they make the perfect cookies for Valentine’s Day celebrations!


Happy Baking!


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