A Sweet Treat For Your Tuesday: Sugar Cookie Donuts

imageI love cookies. I love donuts. I love donut shaped cookies!!

Here is a simple sugar cookie recipe that does not require any ‘chilling’.

YAY for quick and easy cookies that taste amazing!

A good sugar cookie recipe is a MUST, you can use it for everything, Christmas, Valentine’s day, or any occasion that requires some cookie decorating!

You know its a good recipe when you try yummy cookies and ask for the recipe! That’s how I got this one! Turns this is the sugar cookie recipe off of the back of the Wilton cookie cutters! It’s a winner of a recipe πŸ™‚

These classic cookies have all your regular ingredients, sugar, flour, butter, 1 egg, etc.

Here’s the recipe:


Mix all of your ingredients according to the recipe, roll your dough and cut out the cookies.


You could choose any shape for your cookies, hearts, circles, stars, anything! I went with donut shape πŸ™‚ And I think they turned out pretty cute!



With a little bit of icing, a few sprinkles you have yourself some donut cookies!!


The perfect snack πŸ™‚


Happy baking!


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