Friday Favorites: My Week According to My Camera Roll

Fridayyyyyyyyyyyy!! YAY for weekends 🙂 They never get old!

Here is my week according to my camera roll. Pictures are always more interesting!


On the weekend we got together with some friends that were in town, and went out for lunch… and dessert. It was fun to catch up and hear all about their wedding plans. … Then there was this cake. This cake was AMAZING. My husband and I attempted to share… but basically we both were trying to inhale as much of the the icing as possible before the other person. I could have just eaten a bowl of the icing. Seriously it was the best!!


Between teaching a spin class on the weekend, and going to a bootcamp class, put on my our Church, my workouts looked a bit different than usual this week but super fun. Its nice to have a change!

The weather has been beautiful… for winter. So we took advantage of the slight warmth and went for a walk one evening. Going for walks is one of my favorite things, I’m looking forward to the summer and the nice warm evenings we will have!


I have been eating my fair share of nuts and fruits and these bars, which are made of dates, nuts, and other yummy healthy things! We’ve been doing our best to have more fruits and veggies in our meals, and make healthy choices when it comes to snacks… but of course we still have treats here and there 🙂


And last but not least, I have been flipping through cookbooks and looking through pinterest for great Valentine’s treats!! There are too many good options to choose from! Get ready for some more Valentine’s Day posts in these next few weeks 🙂

Happy Friday!


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