Friday Favorites: Organizing, Keeping Active, and a Bit of Valentine’s Day Prep…

imageFriday!! YAY! Here comes the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sleeping in and lazing around!!! I think I’m tired… yesterday as I was driving to work I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror and noticed that one eye looked a bit different than the other… I only did my eye makeup on one eye!! I’m not quite sure what happened between doing eye one and eye two… all that to say, YAY for weekends and sleeping in, I am ready!

This week has flown by, as every week does. Here are some of my highlights πŸ™‚

Getting organized! I picked up this pretty jewelry box to save myself from untangling necklaces and trying find matching earrings as I’m getting ready in the morning. So far its helping. One look and I see a set of earrings, no digging required!


This week while doing some tidying, I was reminded of the stability ball we have. So, my husband and I have been doing some at home workouts with the stability ball and boy, are my abs feeling it!! But its fun doing workouts with my husband, and keeping ourselves active during the winter!


Valentines candy has been consumed, pre-Valentine’s Day. Bulk barn is THE BEST. And of course, I always have to practice self-control or I would leave with bags and bags of candy. I settled for some sprinkle covered treats, these super cute heart jelly beans, YUM, and some ‘love bug’ chocolates, too cute ❀


I’ve also been looking through my craft/decoration box, here and there since last week, to see what kinds ofΒ  ‘Valentine-ish’ decorations I have tucked away. I can’t wait to add a bit of pink and a bunch of hearts to our home!! But I think I’ll hold off till February 1.


Next week is the last week of January, 2016 is going by quick!!

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Organizing, Keeping Active, and a Bit of Valentine’s Day Prep…

  1. Ahhh Valentine & Easter candy are my favorites! I love stability balls but I haven’t used one in ages. It would probably be a lot gentler on my knee than my running. I hope your weekend is fabulous!

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