Wednesdays Workout: Elliptical Workout

With all the  snow and cold its a bit tough to get outside for a run. I do see people doing it… but for me when the temperature starts getting cold it hurts my lungs, no fun!

During these cold months I stick with my indoor, at home workouts. We managed to get this great elliptical off of Kijiji for really cheap. So, that elliptical becomes my workout buddy for the winter.

The only thing about indoor workouts, especially when it comes to using an elliptical workouts, is that they can be a bit boring. Usually I’ll either listen to music or get a movie or TV show playing in the background. Another way I keep elliptical workouts interesting is by doing sprints, or changing the resistance/level on the machine.

Here is one Elliptical Workout to try!! This workout will things a bit more interesting… and challenging.

Follow along with each row. The left column will tell you the time increment, in total this ends up being a 30 minute workout.

The middle column tells you what resistance/level to set your elliptical at. Every machine is different so image Level 1 being the easiest – you are still working against a small about of resistance, so your arms and legs aren’t flying out of control, but it is still really easy. Level 10 is the hardest – you are working against as much resistance as you can while still keeping a smooth movement with your arms and legs.

The far right column tells you want to do for that increment of time, so either sprints, a steady pace, etc.

Good luck!!

Elliptical Workout.jpgEnjoy your workout!


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