Road Trip Essentials

It’s Christmas Eve!! One day to go!!

Well, my husband and I are heading out today a road trip out to visit some family, which means 7ish hours on the road.

We have done this same road trips a number of times and have our list of ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ for a good road trip!

Here are a few of our Road Trip Essentials that we always have packed with us!

  1. Snacks.


This is the make it or break it.

Naturally, with both of us having a sweet tooth, a road trip seems like the perfect time to eat some candy or other sweet treat. DON’T DO IT!!! Believe me, you will feel gross by the time your road trip is over. We like to pack veggies, crackers, cheese, fruit, granola bars, and other healthy munches, that way we don’t have any sugar crashes or stomach aches.


Here is one idea for ‘to-go’ veggies. Cut them up and pop them into a jar with some dip at the bottom. Less fuss, and just put the lid back on the jar when you are done.

2. Water.


I don’t know about you, but I hate taking bathroom breaks. And there is always that possibility that you drink a lot of water and then there isn’t a bathroom in sight!

Either way, it is worth the risk, drink water! You will avoid getting dehydrated and avoid getting a headache.

3. Comfy Clothes and Layers.


I like to wear light layers for a road trip; I can take off a few layers if I’m warm or add a layer if it gets cool. Also looser clothes are always better so that its more comfortable for sitting all day long! And always pick shoes that don’t tie! That way you can easily slip them on for a bathroom break 🙂

4. Books/Music/Podcast

Both of us usually load our iPods with music and podcasts and then we switch between chatting and listening to something. Remember to have you iPod fully charged!! I’m generally the passenger, so I always pack a book or two as another option 🙂

Well! We are off 🙂 7 hours here we come!

Happy Christmas Eve!!


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