Christmas Decor: Deer Head Pallet Mount

imageEight days to go!!

Last night we got our last Christmas decorations up… we put our Christmas tree up back in November, but we’ve been working on the decorations for our fireplace for what has felt like forever!!

About a month ago we came across this fantastic fake deer head, which I thought would be perfect for over our fireplace! My husband was shocked that I would even consider a deer head decoration, he keeps teasing me that his farm ways are rubbing off on me.

All that to say… we bought the deer head… and that is were the work/trouble started.


We didn’t want to drill a nail into the fireplace so the solution was of course: a pallet project!!! We could mount the deer head on a pallet that would work as a backboard. And I have ALWAYS wanted to do some sort of pallet project, especially one of the beautiful pallet signs. So I figured this would be a simple first project to try out.


Well… let me tell you this is the first and last pallet project I will be participating in.

Never again.

There where splinters, cuts, nails that wouldn’t hammer in, sweat… and tears. Who knew wood was so strong and uncooperative.

In the end my husband saved the day, and covered the many bent nails, hammer marks, and the other mistakes. Basically my contributed to this project was paint… haha!


I’m actually shocked that the pallet backboard turned out looking normal! And its really all because my husband is THE BEST!!

Despite all the hassle, I am super please with the final product 🙂 It looks so Christmasy and exactly how I imagined it!!


Now it’s time to sit back, rest, and enjoy …and of course count down the last few days!!


Merry Christmas!


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