Wednesday’s Workout: Christmas Carol Workout

Happy Wednesday!!

Has it ever been getting chilly!! It’s REALLY feeling like winter! And we even had a bit more snow last night!

Well… with all the cold temperatures I think another at home and indoor workout is needed!

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been listening to my fair share of Christmas music 🙂 So, I figured I would make a workout to some holiday music!

For this Christmas Carol Workout, the workout is set to these songs: Let it Snow, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, Deck the Halls and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

For each song there are 2 exercise. Press play on a song and start with one of the two exercise, once you hear the chorus or ‘buzz words’ (‘let it snow’ ‘holly jolly’ etc.) switch to the second exercise. Then when the chorus/buzz words plays again switch back to the first exercise. Continue to switch between the two exercise each time the ‘buzz words’ are said for the whole song.

There are four songs to go through, each song has its separate set of exercise. Try going through all the songs it will add up to 7ish minutes of work.

Christmas Carol Workout.jpg

Unsure about one of these exercises? Click the link to see an example. Squat + Front Row, Lunge + Lateral Raise, Jumping Jacks, High Knees, Shoulder Press, Hammer Curl, Jack Knife, Russian Twist.

9 days and counting!! Enjoy your workout!


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