A Sweet Treat for Your Tuesday: Eggnog Dessert Loaf

imageWhen I think of Christmas favors I think of gingerbread, cinnamon, cranberry, nutmeg… and eggnog.

Now, I am not the hugest eggnog fan, the whole ‘egg’ part of eggnog is a bit gross to me. But I like the way it tastes, so I try not to think about it! Aaaaaand, my husband loves eggnog πŸ™‚ So of course that means my holiday baking includes some eggnog recipes.

This Eggnog Dessert Loaf is SUPER good …and that is coming from a tentative eggnog drinker.

You can find the recipe I used here.

This Dessert Loaf is just like any other ‘quick bread’, so think banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc. Which makes it a simple and easy recipe to bake!

Start by mixing your ‘wet’ ingredients together (except the eggnog). In a separate bowl mix your ‘dry’ ingredients. Then add your ‘dry mixture’ and eggnog into the ‘wet’ mixture, taking turns adding in portions of dry ingredients and eggnog.


Pour the batter into a loaf pan and bake at 350 for 1 hour. You will start to smell the amazing aroma as your loaf starts to bake!!

While you are waiting, mix up the eggnog glaze.


Once the dessert loaf has mostly cooled add the eggnog glaze and a sprinkle of nutmeg ontop. Wait a few minutes for the glaze to harden before cutting pieces.


Mmmmmmm!! So yummy!! Tastes like Christmas!!


This Eggnog Dessert Loaf is perfect for any eggnog lovers out there πŸ™‚

Now, all I need is a cup of coffee and another slice of this loaf!!

Happy Baking!


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