Wednesday’s Workout: Christmas Tree Workout

It’s Wednesday!! And time for a workout!!

Here is another Christmas Workout, this time I’m playing off the idea of a Christmas tree. So here is a Christmas tree workout!!

Start with the exercise on the top of the Christmas tree (10 Squats), and then work your way down the tree completing every one of the moves, until you have completed the whole Christmas tree.

I added this Christmas tree workout to my morning workout and it took about 10 minutes… sure got my heart pumping and was a great total body workout!

Tree Workout

Need to see an example of one of the exercise? Click on the name of the move: squats, plank, russian twist, tricep dips, reverse lunge, lunge + bicep curl, sumo squat + front raise, walk out pushups, v-sit with chest fly, sumo squat + lateral raise, narrow squat + shoulder press.

Happy Wednesday!! Enjoy your workout πŸ™‚


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