Elf on the Shelf: Spouse Edition (Week 1)

imageHappy Monday!!

Do the weekends ever fly by in December or what?!

I can’t believe we are already on our second week of December! Baking has commenced, decorations are basically up and Christmas music is playing 24/7!

Last week I introduced my version of Elf on the Shelf… Spouse Edition!! And promised to share a bit of what my elf has been up to over the past week each Monday. So here is the first update!

Once again, here was the introduction to my Elf, and the surprises to come this next month!


I love ‘pun’ ideas for leaving little treats and notes around for my husband, there are SO many idea’s out there πŸ™‚ All I’ve had to is add a Christmas twist! Or include some sort of treat that my husband likes!


I’ve had to be sneaky and try to set things up either when I get home from work before my husband or when he’s not looking!!!

imageCount down is at 19 Days!!!



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