Wednesday’s Workout: 12 Days of Christmas

Its the Christmas season and that means lots of treats and big meals! And not to mention cold days, so staying warm inside is necessary and means less activity.

Here’s an at home workout to keep you moving! An of course it is Christmas themed!

The first in my Christmas workout series 🙂

12 days of Christmas workout!!

Each of the 12 days is assigned a different exercise. Work through Day 1 through Day 12 as a circuit, and you will be sweating!! Try going through the whole ’12 days’ circuit twice!!

12 day of christmas-2.jpg

Not sure how to do one of the moves? Click on the link and check out a video example of the proper form.

Day 1 (1 Minute plank), Day 2 (2 Minutes Skipping), Day 3 (30 Jump Squats), Day 4 (40 Reverse Lunges), Day 5 (50 Sumo Squats), Day 6 (60 Bicycle Crunches), Day 7 (70 Mountain Climbers), Day 8 (80 High Knees), Day 9 (90 Jumping Jacks), Day 10 (10 Burpees), Day 11 (11 Tuck Jumps), Day 12 (12 Scissor Lunges).

Enjoy your workout!




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