A Sweet Treat for Your Tuesday: Crockpot Lava Cake

imageTime for a treat!!

I love love love crockpot meals because they are so easy! Just dump everything into the crockpot turn it on, leave it for a few hours and you’ve got a meal!

What is better than a crockpot meal??

A crockpot dessert!!! YUM!!!!

Here is the simplest recipe for a Crockpot Lava Cake. This is an incredibly easy dessert and its sooooo good!

Here are the ingredients: image

Line your crockpot with parchment paper (that way there is no scrubbing at the end!).

Prepare the chocolate cake according to the box and pour it into the the crockpot as the bottom layer.

Make the pudding according to it’s instructions as well; this will be the second layer in the crockpot.

Finally layer 1 cup of chocolate chips on the very top.

No mixing required, leave the layers!


Turn the crockpot on high for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Once cooked, the top will look crusted, but as you scoop into the cake, the inside will be the gooey chocolate ‘lava’ part. Mmmmmmm!

This is an amazing dessert!! And one of the quickest and easiest to whip together 🙂


Top with a bit of ice cream and enjoy!!

Happy Baking!




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