Christmas Craft Count Down: DIY Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar DIY5 weeks till Christmas!! 36 days!!

I have slowly been pulling out our Christmas decorations and working on a few Christmas projects so that I will be all ready for December!

One make-ahead project that was on the top of my list was an advent calendar! It’s one of those things that need to be done before December!

I looked around for different DIY advent calendar ideas, there are so many cute ones!! And I settled on something simple 🙂

My DIY advent calendar is made up of tiny boxes. You can open the lids and fill the box with little treats for each of the 25 days.

This DIY is super easy. Here’s what you need:

  • 25 mini boxes (I found mine in the wedding section of the craft store)
  • Scrapbook paper (a few different colors and patterns to make it pretty)
  • Number stickers (1-25)
  • Other decorative stickers
  • glue gun and glue stick


Make sure you have 25 boxes, mine came flat, so I had to assemble them.

Cut out the scrapbook paper into squares that are the size of your boxes.

Glue the square paper on the lid of your box, add a number, and other stickers or decorations you have!


Then start gluing your boxes together!

You can make a pyramid with your boxes, or a square or any other shape you want. Make sure you keep the lid at the front and be careful not to glue it shut. You want to be able to open the boxes to add treats into the calendar, and to get the treats out when its time to count down!

I went with a simple square shape. 5 rows of 5 boxes. I started at the bottom with #24 and#25, then started to work my way up row by row!


Eventually you’ll end up with this 🙂



I just couldn’t decide which colors to go with. The classic red and green or a winter wonderland blue and white!! I decided to make two!


All that’s left is to add in your candy!!


I’m all ready to count down to Christmas!!



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