Wednesday’s Workout: Cardio Ladder


It’s official. Winter is here.

There is snow, and frost, and ice.

There is no leaving the house without a coat, boots, and mittens.

And I confess I have even been listening to Christmas music… 45 days!!!

I really shouldn’t complain about the cold… considering what the temperate will drop to in the new few months. Brrrrr!!!

Of course with it getting even colder my workouts have shifted to ‘indoor’ and ‘at home’ 100% of the time now!!!

I find it tougher to get a good cardio workout when I’m stuck inside! So, here is a simple cardio circuit that can be done in your home. No equipment required!!! Which means no excuses πŸ™‚

This cardio workout is called a ‘ladder’, because of the number of repetitions for each move, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.

Go through the cardio ladder, doing each of the moves for the number of reps assigned to that exercise, and then repeat the whole ladder 5 times through.

Give it your fill effort and I promise you will be sweating!!!

Cardio Ladder - At Home workout

Enjoy your work out!!

Stay warm πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Workout: Cardio Ladder

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