Wednesday’s Workout: My Tried & True Workout Gear

Workout gearHappy Wednesday Everyone!!!

We just finished up a Tabata workout series, and before starting a new series I thought I would share something a bit different for this Workout Wednesday’s post.

So, today’s Wednesday’s workout is about workout gear! I’m sharing my absolute FAVORITE workout clothes.

Now…none of these are sparkly and new items. They tried, tested, and have lasted me YEARS.

I have worn these, washed these (to death) and these items have lasted! That is my kind of workout gear 🙂

This gear is for fall/winter, which means layers, layers, layers!

Workout gear

The striped shirt on the left is from Lulu Lemon. My husband bought it for me for our first Christmas together… 5 years ago. And I still LOVE it!! It has held is shape, still smells good (which is always important), and keeps me warm and dry 🙂

The headband is also Lulu Lemon. Its thick enough to cover my ears if its cold, and keeps my hair out of my face, which is extra awesome since I cut my hair shorter and is now harder to pin up. Also, the pattern is my favorite!

The black pants are Gap. I bought 2 pairs at least 4 years ago, and they have lasted. I find the material thick and the stitching is strong. I have other pants where the seam starts coming apart, but these pants are great, and have kept their quality.

I really like these Nike gloves. They keep my hands warm and wick way any sweat! And they have a little key pouch to hold my house key when I run, which is helpful!

Lastly, my trusty old Walmart pink sweatshirt. I am sure this must have been originally for a 80’s dress up party or something! Now it has worked its way into my workout gear drawer. Like I said, winter means layers, and this works great as a top layer!

Workout Gear

Do you have any go-to workout gear?!


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