Friday Favorites: ‘Healthier’ Snack Ideas

Happy Friday!!!

Bring on the weekend 🙂

Considering all the candy that will be around this weekend, I thought I would share a few healthier options if you’re itching for somethings sweet…. not as healthy as fruits and veggies… but definitely better than candy!

These snacks are ones I reach for if I’m trying to be healthy but still want something sweet to munch on:

Friday Favorites

1.Boom Chicka Pop popcorn

I LOVE this stuff!!!! I usually go for the lightly sweetened kind or the salt and vinegar. There is just a handful for ingredients in this treat, and I can read and pronounce all of them! That’s a good sign 🙂 And you get that sweet/salty combination. We always have a bag of this stuff around.


2. Teapigs Rooibos Creme Caramel.

Hot chocolate is probably my favorite drink out there, but it packs a pretty strong sugar punch!! This tea is super yummy, one of those tea that is flavorful and sweet without you having to add anything to it. Its prefect for a cool day when you want that warm cozy feeling. It’s not hot chocolate and mini marshmallows… but you won’t get a sugar crash, and you still get a warm sweet drink.

image3. Vanilla Rice Krispies

Sometimes when I am looking for a snack I go for a bowl of cereal… usually lucky charms if we have those around. I found these vanilla rice krispies back when I was in university and they are actually really, really good and have a super strong vanilla flavor. YUM. This is my healthier ‘treat’ cereal option … not to mention significantly less sugar than lucky charms. Throw some berries in these and you’ve got a great snack 🙂

Hope these spark some snack ideas for you if you are looking to avoid all that Halloween candy!!


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