Cookie Classics: The BEST Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookiesEventually oatmeal cookies had to make it in a ‘cookie classics’ post!!

I am a huge fan of oatmeal, I love eating it for breakfast… so why not throw it in a cookie?!!

And of course add in a few chocolate chips 🙂 and you’ve got the prefect cookie!

This recipe is fool proof. Literally. I completely messed up the measurements and these cookies still turned out SO good!! That is my kind of recipe.

You can find the recipe I used here.

These oatmeal cookies are the soft and chewy kind, not the crunchy kind, so I give them two thumbs up in my books!

Like I said, this is the best recipe EVER… you can mess up the measurements and they still work out!! (I’m not quite sure how… but its true!!)

My first glitch was doubling the white sugar… oops. You see, I was trying to double the whole recipe, and my math skills were obviously not working and I added 1 cup of sugar rather than the 1/2 cup that I should have used for a double batch…

Then I ended up having to using a cup of organic gluten free regular oats because I ran out of my normal oats… so mine are healthier? Or maybe not some much because of that extra 1/2 cup of sugar. Potentially my two mistakes evened each other out?

The BEST oatmeal cookies

Even though doubling a recipe can cause some mathematical errors, I always like have that extra batch so that I can freeze some dough for later. That way if I need cookies, I already have the dough on hand and then I can have cookies fresh out of the over, which always taste the best 🙂

The BEST oatmeal cookies

These are my cookies ‘to freeze’ so don’t bake yours this close together, because they do spread a bit.

The BEST oatmeal cookies

These oatmeal cookies are delicious 🙂 You can’t even tell that there were any mistakes made!!

The BEST oatmeal cookies

Those brown specks are chocolate chips… don’t worry, no raisins here!!

The BEST oatmeal cookiesThe BEST oatmeal cookies

Happy Baking!!


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