Happy Thanksgiving

sweetnsimpleblogHope all you other Canadians out there are having a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

My family had our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday, that way we get an extra day of rest to digest all that yummy food before heading back to work 🙂

This year we started off our Thanksgiving celebration with a looong walk so we were extra hungry when it was time for the feast!

We all had our fair share of turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, and of course we got some veggies in too!!!

Here is a sneak peek into our Thanksgiving celebrations!




This sweet potatoe casserole is probably one of my favorites! It is basically like dessert but you can get away with eating it for dinner 🙂


And to finish the meal off, apple crisp!!! The apples, buttery topping and that touch of cinnamon made it the perfect autumn desert, and perfect way to end off our Thanksgiving meal. YUM!!!

Apple crisp - Sweetnsimpleblog

I’m a little sad that Thanksgiving is over… is it ok to start preparing/celebrating Christmas yet??


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