Thanksgiving Weekend

SweetnsimpleblogYAY! It’s Thanksgiving weekend!!!

Which means its time for: food, family, and fun. (Cheesy I know, but its true!!!)

There will be sweet treats, turkey, mashed potatoes, family time, and a whole extra day for rest!

And the weather has made for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend so far, and we have been soak it up!!

We already filled our Saturday with walks, dates, and hanging out with friends. And today is going to be just as packed!

Here’s been our weekend so far:

Of course there have been lazy mornings 🙂

I love staying in my pjs as long as I can and having nutella as a treat on the weekends!!


Saturday was the perfect fall day for a run, just warm enough!! This morning I did a bit of an indoor workout because it was a bit to windy for me!!

Sweetnsimple blog

Both my husband and I were having a craving for some good coffee on Saturday, so we headed out for an afternoon coffee date and some window shopping.

Sweetnsimple blog

A coffee date wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat 🙂 This salted caramel macaroon was AMAZING!!


And tonight we are having our Thanksgiving celebration!!

Bring on the turkey and mashed potatoes!!

I’ve got my top knot in, and I am ready for some chopping, stirring, and cooking!! But first a bit of baking.


I’m getting started on an apple crisp for Thanksgiving dessert! YUM!!! (I’ll share the recipe this week)


Happy Thanksgiving!!


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