Fall Flavors: Turkey Pretzels

Turkey Pretzels - SweetnsimpleblogWell… I had a bunch of extra candy left over from my Fall Candy Bark, so I figured why not make something with it!!

And what could be more perfect than something ‘Thanksgiving’ themed, seeing as it’s coming up this weekend.

Here is how to make Turkeys Pretzels!

There are a simple treat, what you need is: pretzels, rolos, candy corn, reeses pieces, candy eyes, red sprinkles.

Turkey Pretzels - Sweetnsimpleblog

Set up your cookie tray with some parchment paper (so that the chocolate doesn’t stick).

Lay out your pretzels, and place one rolo ontop of each pretzel.

I set my oven at 200 degrees C, just popped in my cookie tray and waited for the chocolate to melt a little bit.

You don’t want the chocolate to melt completely, just to soften up so that you can poke in the eyes, nose and tail πŸ™‚

For me that was about 4ish minutes.

Turkey Pretzels - Sweetnsimpleblog

I originally tried to make these with reeses cups as well, but they didn’t work so great… the chocolate reeeeally melted but then the peanut butter center was still really hard… oh well!! I just stuck a reeses piece on top and they taste amazing πŸ™‚

Turkey Pretzels - Sweetnsimpleblog

Once your rolo chocolates have softened poke in the candy corn as a tail, stick on some eyes and turn your reeses piece to create a beak.

Turkey Pretzels - Sweetnsimpleblog

I had leftover red leaf sprinkles so I used those as a giblet. But I think any red sprinkle would work just fine!!

Turkey Pretzels - Sweetnsimpleblog

This one is probably my favorite one! Love how his eyes make him looks a little crazy!! HA! So fun πŸ™‚

Turkey Pretzels - Sweetnsimpleblog

Give this a try and let me know how your turkey pretzels turn out!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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