Fall Flavors: Pumpkin Bread

IMG_5567I am loving all the fall flavors πŸ™‚

My husband and I been drinking my pumpkin spice creamer with our coffee and we’re almost down to the last bit… time to make some more I guess!!!

Potentially even better than pumpkin spice coffee creamer is this pumpkin bread.

I found this amazing pumpkin bread recipe with cream cheese in it!! (You can find the recipe I used here)

… So basically pumpkin bread but better because of the taste (and pretty) cream cheese swirl.

One thing that is interesting about this recipe is that it is in fact butter free.. but you could not even tell one bit!! Normally I see apple sauce or oil or something else instead of butter, but this recipe has coconut oil instead. So extra bonus points for this recipe… its SUPER good… and a bit healthier.

Its a easy recipe, and it turns out so pretty with that cream cheese swirl!

Basically you layer your pumpkin batter and then cream cheese batter and then pumpkin batter again. Next Time I would save a bit more pumpkin batter for the top, but it still turned out great!!

IMG_5533 IMG_5366 IMG_5365

Here’s the final product!!!


This pumpkin loaf was amazing…Β  it did not survive the day (except for the 2 pieces I packed way for my lunch the next day)… that’s how good it was!!!

This is one recipe I’ll be making again, and soon πŸ™‚

Happy Baking!!


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