Cookie Classics: Nutella Cookies

IMG_5221Anyone else a big fan of nutella??

Well I sure am 🙂

I found this fantastic recipe for nutella cookies, and they are SO good!!

These cookies are like a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe… but of course with the added bonus of nutella!!! YUM!

The recipe I used can be found here.

Believe me these cookies are amazing!! And they fit the criteria of being soft and chewy even after a few days after they have been baked (if they last that long without being eaten!).


Here is the final product 🙂


So originally I made these for our small group… but the recipe looked SO good that I made a double batch of these and have a bag of these cookie dough balls waiting for our next cookie craving… confession, they are already half gone… we love our cookies 🙂


I’ve tucked this cookie recipe way in my ‘favorites’ pile!!

Happy Baking!


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