Cookie Classics: Peanut Butter Cookie Bowls

SweetnsimpleblogMmmmmm peanut butter.

I LOVE peanut butter cookies!!!!

Now you see, there is this problem with peanut butter cookies… I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this but I sure have… no matter what recipe I use they just end up flat, rock hard the next day, or too crispy or crumbly.

Personally, I like my cookies thick and chewy and for them to stay that stay that way for a few days (or till they’re all gone 😉 )

Just as I’ve hunted and tested a ton of chocolate chip cookie recipes (and landed on this one, it is the BEST), I have also searched for the perfect PB cookie recipe…

I thought I would try a new recipe (which I found here) that looked hopeful with its promises of thick chewiness.


Turned out as flat as a pancake (well actually more like a crepe). And I promise I followed all the directions exactly!!

So, stuck with a whole bowl of really yummy, however, flat-cookie PB cookie dough I had to come up with some way to salvage these cookies.


Enter cupcake pan.


I figured if I somehow contained the dough and could stop it from spreading the cookies will turn out perfectly!!

And I was right!!! Well sort of… they kind of turned into cookie ‘cups’.



So… this recipe have moved from PB cookies to PB cookie bowls.

Which in my opinion looked like the perfect place to put a scoop of ice cream!!!!!!


These peanut butter cookies turned into a bit of an adventure… but the end result was a winner!! Doesn’t get much better than a cookie + ice cream combo 🙂

Happy Baking!


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