Throwback Thurday: Have You Ever Seen Moose?

IMG_3867Throwback Thursday!!!

Taking it back to our adventures this past weekend.

We headed out to the beautiful mountains for some camping with friends:)

It was a bit chilly, but with a few extra layers on, it was perfect weather to have a camp fire!!!

And it turned out not being bad at all sleeping in a tent because we brought TONS of extra blankets ontop of having our sleeping bags!

The drive to the campsite was so pretty, right through the mountains.


And believe me, we ended up getting to see ALOT of the mountains because this camping trip turned into a bit of an adventure!!

Some friends left earlier to try to secure a camping site … apparently everyone planned to go camping this weekend!! I guess a bit of cool weather and rain/snow the day before doesn’t scare away Canadians!!

Long story short, 5 hrs of driving later, including some back and forth from campsites, we found some spots! Oh well, at least it was a beautiful drive and we had some snacks to make it more enjoyable 🙂


We got settled into our sites and started up a fire and it ended up being lots of fun 🙂

The highlight for me was passing by some moose on our drive home!!


I’ve never seen a moose in person!!

And now I’ve seen two 🙂 Pretty neat!!!

Have you ever seen a moose??


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