Wednesday’s Workout: Upper Body Pyramid Workout

IMG_3672Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It has been beautiful this week!! I have been trying to enjoy the nice weather as much as I can!

Yesterday I got home from work and threw on my sneakers for a quick run, it was the prefect weather! I can’t believe how green it is out still šŸ™‚ loving it!

I’ve been trying to squeeze a few more runs in this summer, because once it gets too cold I stick with my indoor workouts. But I must not have been running as much this year as I have in previous summers because I normally get a pretty wicked capri/tank top tan from my favorite running outfits, HA! Oh well, I’ve managed to avoid that this year šŸ™‚

Well… for this Wednesday’s Workout we are on our second last Pyramid Workout in the series. So far we’ve done a Total Body Pyramid, and Abs and Core Pyramid, and this week I’m going with an Upper Body Pyramid.

Now just in case you’ve miss the past weeks instructions on how a Pyramid drill works, here’s what you do:

You have 5 exercise. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid with 50 repetitions of hammer curls, you then move up to the 40 repetitions of bent-over rows and you continue moving up the pyramid … all the way to top and do the 10 walkout pushups. Once at the top, you work your way all the back back down to the bottom. By the end you have worked up the pyramid and back down, having done walkout pushups only once and all the other exercise twice.

Remember to breath during these moves!! Listen to your body and take breaks as you need them šŸ™‚ Your arms will thank you!

Upper Body Pyramid

*Helpful Tip – If you are not sure how to do one of the exercise just click on the name in this list to go to a video explaining ‘how to’ and showing an example – Hammer Curl, Bent-over row, Shoulder press, Tricep Dip, Walkout Pushup.

Great ready to see what those arms are made of!!


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