Throwback Thursday: Brunch Date

IMG_2314Its Thursday again! Which means its time for a throwback!!!

We are going back a few weeks to a Brunch Date I had with my husband.

We went to the cutest place that I have been dying to go to for a while, and what better meal to go for that Brunch. YUM. I am definitely a breakfast person, so this was perfect for me.

We got all spiffed up and went on our date.

It was the perfect morning, perfect temperate, and perfect company ❤

First things first! We got our coffee 🙂


My husband went with the steak and eggs, YUM! (I can say that because I obviously did some taste testing)


I chose the stuffed french toast! So good!!


We were definitely happy campers! With the most beautiful view!


The restaurant is in an old house, and so we did a bit of exploring and found some pretty fancy rooms!!


I think its about time to go back for a dessert date 😉 !


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