Wednesday’s Workout: Abs and Core Pyramid Workout

IMG_2928Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It has been SO beautiful the last few days! My husband and I have been soaking up all the warm evenings and enjoying how green everything is! We have been getting as many walks as possible before it starts getting chilly!

Well … Wednesday’s = Workout…so its time for another workout 🙂

I am sticking with the Pyramid Style workout and figured I might as well turn it into a series.

Last week’s workout was the Total Body Pyramid. This week we are focusing on Abs and Core!!

Here’s the lowdown on how a Pyramid drill works:

There are 5 exercise. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid with 50 repetitions of Russian Twists, you then move up to the 40 repetitions of Toe Touch Crunches and you continue moving up the pyramid … all the way to top with 10 Plank Rotations. Once at the top, you work your way all the back back down to the bottom. By the end you have worked up the pyramid and back down, having done Plank Rotations once and all the other exercise twice.

Watch that you aren’t holding your breath!! Those abs are going to be burning!!!

Abs and Core Pyramid Workout

*Helpful Tip – If you are not sure how to do one of the exercise just click on the name in this list to go to a video explaining ‘how to’ and showing an example – Russian Twists, Toe Touch Crunches, Side Plank Dips, Knee Tucks, Plank Rotations.

Enjoy your workout!!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Workout: Abs and Core Pyramid Workout

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