Getting Organized: Jar Salads

IMG_2825I don’t know about you… but something I’m always attempting to do is get more organized.

Especially with the parts of life that aren’t on my list of ‘favorite things’.

…And I’d have to say making lunches is most definitely not on my list of favorite things (you will not find lunch making on my ‘Favorite Friday’s’ posts, believe me).

So, I figure the more organized I am with something the less painful it is ;). And in the case of lunches getting organized means a extra few minutes of sleep!!!

Here’s a super simple idea to help get your lunches for the week organized. Jar Salads, a great make-ahead lunch!

I’ve made these before, and the best part is you can make enough for your whole week, and they actually stay fresh (no soggy lettuce!!!). That means only one day of ‘prep work’!

Last night all I did was chop up a whole bunch of veggies and put them into a jar (I just re-used old spaghetti sauce jars; you can use whatever jars you have handy).

Sweet n' Simple Jar Salad

Add anything you’d like to these salads. Besides the veggies, I added some chickpeas and some blueberries… I wanted to go for a rainbow effect!!!

Sweet n' Simple Jar Salads

I’ll be looking forward to my lunches all week! I will definitely be getting my full dose of vitamins and nutrients this week, look at all those colors!!


7 thoughts on “Getting Organized: Jar Salads

  1. Look delish and a fab idea. Love different salads, so could do a few different ones for the week .. Will certainly help the health kick I am supposedly on 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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