Throwback Thursday: Camping

IMG_2546Rain, Rain go away…

Over the last few days its been pouring… and hailing.

We even lost electricity for a little bit on Tuesday evening. Such crazy weather!!

But we did get in some puddle jumping when the skies cleared up 🙂

So, today’s Throwback Thursday is back to when it was beautiful and sunny!!

Taking it back to just two weeks to when we went camping. Sunshine. Fresh air. Campfire cooking. S’mores. Catching up on reading. All the good stuff!! And I am pleased to say, not one single mosquito bite! We didn’t even have to use bug spray!!! Camping And probably, the best part were these nutella and strawberry sandwiches we made with a cast-iron sandwich toaster. YUM!! Nutella and Strawberry We still have one camping trip planned before the end of summer, and believe me, we are packing the nutella and strawberries again!! Can’t wait!


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