A Sunny Afternoon Review on the Book ‘Homemakers’


Picked up these from the book store yesterday!!

The mug was in the sale section, and only the letter “B” was left (YAY for having a name that starts with  a “B”)!! So, this travel mug has officially joined our collection :). However, I think it is a lot cuter than the rest!

I was browsing through the baking and the lifestyle sections and came across this book, ‘Homemakers’ By Brit Morin. And after flipping through it a bit, I decided it was cute, creative, and worth the purchase!!

I spent the afternoon outside looking through all the colorful DIYs and reading chunks of the helpful tips! I am happy to say I am now fully educated on how to properly fold a fitted sheet (one of the greatest mysteries there is), armed with hacks on how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing them (yessssss!), and inspired by the many DIY ideas (I should probably add a DIY section to this blog now!!). This book gets a thumbs up from me!

IMG_2158Happy reading!!

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